Best Skin Care Routine

A basic skin care routine comes with 5 items:

  • a cleanser
  • toner
  • exfoliants
  • moisturizer
  • sun block.

Each one contributes differently to the skin, which means that although skipping one or two may be possible, it’s usually best to have the whole army at your disposal.


This one can be used at least twice a day, once in the morning and another in the evening before going to bed. The cleanser’s job is to “cleanse” the skin by removing all the dirt, dust, and grime that resides in your pores. If left overnight, this dirt could very well be the start of a pimple.


A toner’s job is to tighten the pores so that no further dirt can get in after you’ve scrubbed it clean with a cleanser. A lot of women skip toners but you’ll find that the key to a blemish free skin are pores that are tightly closed, therefore creating a smooth, flat, and resilient surface. Like the cleanser, they are used on a daily basis.


Exfoliants should be used less often because the can lead to irritation. Essentially, what this does is get rid of the dead skin cells that may be lurking on your face, therefore allowing the younger, fresher skin to break free. Exfoliants are best used once a week since it essentially works as “micro scrubs” that can leave the skin raw and tender when used often.


Moisturizers help the skin retain moisture, preventing it from drying up and cracking into small wrinkles. With sufficient moisture, the skin becomes more resilient and capable of repairing itself while preventing the formation of wrinkles. Moisturizers are best used as often as possible – typically after taking a bath and before going to bed.

Sun Block

Also called “sun screen”, it’s been proven time and again that exposure to the harsh rays of the sun can speed up skin aging. The use of sun screen ensures that this doesn’t happen as the screen shields the skin from UV rays. Note though that there are several types of sun block and your choice should depend largely on the type of weather you have. For sunny areas, an SPF of 15 would do fine if you are only exposed to the sun for short periods of time. If you want to go the extra mile however and have particularly sensitive skin, anything above SPF 30 would be perfect.

Of course, some individuals may require additional help on their skin care to correct current skin problems or prevent them from happening. Following are other products often used by women who are entering their 30s.

Anti Wrinkle Cream

Anti wrinkle cream is considered crucial once a woman enters her 30s. At this point, moisturizers won’t cut it anymore and the anti wrinkle cream provides a more powerful back up against the emergence of wrinkles. Anti wrinkle cream comes in all shapes and form. Some of them may contain additional moisturizers while others contain sun screen. Most women utilize anti-wrinkle creams as a replacement for their basic sun screen and moisturizer, one used at night and the other during the morning.

 Eye Bag Remover

The best way to get rid of eye bags is through sleep, but sometimes this isn’t fast enough. Today, there are several roll-on products that you can wipe under the eyes to remove the dark and baggy exterior.

Skin Lightening Treatment

differences in skin tone is another sign of aging as well as exposure to the sun. The lightening treatment helps restore the even tone of the skin so that it remains smooth all over.

 Spot Treatment

There are instances when the skin suffers through very specific problems such as pimples, dark spots, black heads, milia, and various others. This is where spot treatment comes in, allowing you to specifically address the problem and restore the youthful glow of the skin

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