Skin Care Products and DIY Recipes

Skin Care Products and DIY Recipes

An idea on what skin care products to purchase has already been listed in this guide – but what brand should you purchase exactly?

The industry for health and beauty is big – which is why you’ll find yourself choosing from dozens of possible skin care brand names. The fact is that there is no ‘best’ from all these choices. Your final purchase would depend largely on your skin and how it reacts to the product. For the sake of this guide however, listed are some of the most popular brands when it comes to skin care:

  • Avon
  • Clean and Clear
  • L’Oreal Paris
  • Olay
  • Nivea
  • Dior
  • Tom Ford
  • Biotherm
  • AmorePacific

The last four in the list are considered “luxury” brands because they’re so much more expensive than other products in the market today. The first few names given however, are perfect for mid-range consumers. Most of these have a whole army of skin care products starting from cleansers to moisturizers.

DIY Skin Care Recipes

If you happen to have sensitive skin or simply want to use something you’ve made yourself, there are several DIY skin care recipes that you can try out:

DIY Cleansers

The following items can work alone as cleansers without any added ingredients:

  • Mashed avocado
  • Honey
  • Yogurt
  • Oil

Simply take whatever cleanser you have and smoothly massage it on your newly-washed face. Continue massaging for the next 2 minutes, making sure that every inch and crevice of the face is touched. When you’re done, wash it off with warm water. Do this at least twice a day.

DIY Toners

To create a toner, combine the following ingredients:

  • 1/3 part Apple cider vinegar, raw
  • 2/3 part Filtered water
  • 10 drops Lavender essential oil for normal skin types or frankincense essential oil for skins prone to acne or for mature users

Simply combine the ingredients in a container and shake well. Use it in the morning and before going to bed at night. This wonderful toner can help with acne problems and is gentle enough for people with sensitive skin. If you are an oily skin type, use ½ part vinegar and ½ part filtered water to accommodate the extra oil on your dermis.

 DIY Exfoliants

There are several recipes available for DIY exfoliants including but not limited to the following items:

  • Sugar with jojoba oil
  • Baking Soda
  • Ground Oatmeal with honey

To use them, simply combine the ingredients together (sugar with jojoba or oatmeal with honey) and start massaging it gently on your face. As for the baking soda, you can massage it on your skin directly with or without turning it into a paste first. Allow the DIY exfoliants to sit on your face for 3 to 5 minutes before washing it out with lukewarm water. Do this at least once a week.

DIY Masks

Masks are a little more complicated to make, but you can be sure that they’ll help make your face seem younger, fresher, and smoother! Following are some DIY masks strategies you can try out at home.

  • Egg Mask – just crack an egg and scramble it as much as you can. When the liquid is thick, simply apply the mixture gently on your face, massaging it in and making sure that the egg really goes through the skin. The properties of the egg have been known to help with skin repair even while hydrating the dermis. More importantly, it retains the elasticity of the skin. Leave the egg there for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water. Some women separate the yellow of the egg and use only the white portion which works just as well.
  •   1 tbsp Honey and ½ Ripe Avocado – mash the ingredients together, making sure that the avocado becomes a thick paste that can be applied deftly on the skin. Massage it carefully all over your face and leave it there for the next 15 minutes or so. Use warm water to remove the mask.
  • 1 Tsp Lemon Juice, 1 Tbsp Organic Yogurt, and 1 Tbsp Sandalwood Powder – combine all three ingredients together and apply it as a mask. This is perfect for uneven skin tones since the lemon juice is capable of lightening the skin. Yogurt works well as a hydrating material while sandalwood repairs damage on the skin. Massage and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing.

  DIY Anti Wrinkle Cream

Anti wrinkle creams are essentially moisturizers but with a more powerful punch. You’ll find though that making one isn’t really that hard. Here are some examples on how:

DIY Eye Bag Remover

Eye bags can be one of the most frustrating aging signs that is hard to remove. Barring the use of commercial products however, there have been DIY experiments that managed to do the seemingly impossible:

  • Cucumber – this one’s a fairly familiar routine, but it’s been proven to work time and time again. Simply cut some cucumbers, put them in the freezer to cool and apply them on the eyes. The cucumber helps relax the muscles while the coolness of the temperature helps stimulate blood flow under the eyes. Do this on a daily basis and the eye bags will disappear soon enough.
  • Potato – potatoes also work wonderfully in removing the dark circles. You can use them the same way you use cucumbers or you can turn it into a juice and apply it via cotton balls on the eyes, depending on what works best for you.
  • Cold Compress – sometimes, you don’t need any type of fruit/vegetable but just plain old ice in a cold compress. The cold stimulates blood flow while reducing the puffy texture of the eyes. To make it more interesting, you can try adding milk or even freezing the milk and using that as the compress. Leave it on your eyes for a few minutes, switching sides if the ice becomes too cold.
  • Metal Spoon – if you have absolutely no ingredient to work with, grab two spoons, throw each in the freezer and place one of them on your eye after an hour. Again, the cold will provide the much needed relief. When the spoon starts to lose its cool, switch it for the one in the freezer. Repeat the process.

Other stuff you can use include: tea bags (chilled), tomato juice, pineapple, parsley, etc.

DIY Spot Treatment

Spot treatments refer to specific problems on the skin such as dark spots and pimples. Using only basic items, you’ll be able to target these areas and prevent signs of aging:

  • Papaya – this tropical fruit is packed with nutrients capable of preventing the early onset of pimples. Just start mashing papaya into small pieces and apply it as a mask. You can also turning it into juice and simply using a cotton ball for spread the pimples.
  • Tea Tree Oil – this works best for large pimples that needs to dry overnight. Simply apply the tea tree oil diluted with water on the pimple with a q-tip and leave it alone. The oil dries the pimple so that it starts to disappear in less than 8 hours.
  • Aloe Vera – perfect for uneven skin tone and dark spots, the aloe vera can be applied directly on the skin in its gel format. Simply snap off a stalk and use the jelly part (not the yellowish fluid but the green flesh!) to rub on the acne or dark spots. Let the gel dry on place before washing with warm water.

You’ll notice that there are no DIY sun screen recipes provided. Although there are some recipes for sun screen that you can make yourself, it’s usually better to opt for a commercially made sun block since the SPF is better.

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